The beginners guide to caring for your jewelry

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So your new to jewelry care and looking at the experts to guide your way?
Then you have come to the right place!
To start I have worked with jewelry for over 11 years! Everything from Gold and silver to beads and elastic. This has given me the unique qualifications to guide you through caring for your favorite jewelry!
The first step to caring for your jewelry is to identify what you have. If you are looking at a metal piece, there may be a mark somewhere on the piece. For rings it's stamped inside and may look like 14K (14 karat gold) or .925 (Sterling silver).
For bracelets or necklaces look near the clasp for similar stamps. Another source for identifying your piece is looking at your receipt, or contacting the original source. If after all of that you are still having trouble, Go ahead to my contact us page and send me an email with a picture of your piece, We can figure this out together!
After you have identified your piece, we go over the basics. Necklaces should always be clasped and hung up when not being worn, the same with bracelets and anklets. Earrings need to be in a cushioned seat or hanging from a non metal hook. Rings should be in a cushioned spot, preferably in a jewelry box.
You should never wear your jewelry to sleep, shower or to swim! Avoid wearing your jewelry pieces at the gym when possible.
Stretch bracelets are recommended to be rolled on and off rather then stretched. If a piece has a clasp, use that clasp as much as possible.
It's highly recommended to clean your jewelry professionally at least twice a year. Stones like Opals and pearls are considered soft and need special care to keep up with. This doesn't mean you shouldn't wear them, It just means they need a little more regular maintenance and its important to know how to care for them. I'll cover them in a future post.
Diamonds, Rubies and sapphires are considered very hard and durable. They are a 9 and 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, a way for jewelers to recognize what a stone can handle when creating. Sapphire and Rubies can change colors with heat and some are treated making cleaning slightly more complicated.
An easy and gentle way to clean your jewelry is to rub them softly with a polishing cloth allowing any dirt to come off and the metal to shine up!
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