Birthstone Necklace with natural stones

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Are you looking for the perfect necklace to accent your everyday outfit? Have you been looking at those trendy mother/daughter necklaces? We've brought you a stunning bar necklace that meets all of your needs!

You choose what stones and we assemble the perfect necklace just for you!

**Made with**

*Gold plated wire/chain

*Easy lobster clasp

*Gemstone crystals 

To find out what your birthstone combination is check the list below:


January - dark red - Garnet

Febuary - purple -Amethyst

March - baby blue - Aquamarine

April - white - Diamond

May - green - emerald

June - purple/blue or green/red - alexandrite

July - red - ruby

August - light green - peridot

September - dark blue - sapphire

October - faint white/clear - opal

November - yellow/orange - citrine

December - blue - zircon/blue topaz

Birthstones based off of traditional stones, many months have alternative stones/colors that can be used upon request.