Sensory Pieces

Combine techniques found for stress, anxiety and frustration with an easy to wear sensory bracelet to help make these techniques a physical presence. Count to 8 on a deer skin lace bracelet to calm breathing, turn the shells on a beautiful Turquoise bracelet to ease anxiety and feel grounded with the weight of a solid bracelet made of hematite or metal strung on hemp cord.

Keep one hand on a simple hemp cord sliding knot bracelet to stay present while practicing meditation, stress relief and during focusing exercises. 

Sensory Bracelets 

Combat stress, anxiery and frustration using innovative sensory bracelets. Each bracelet combines the healing properties of gemstones with unique designs that work along side techniques that assist you with stress relief. 

Use these bracelets during school, business meetings and while adressing large crowds. Each piece looks like a normal everyday accessory but has another purpose to help keep your focus.