About Rebecca Mercker

Rebecca Mercker is an artisan fine jeweler. She crafts custom pieces using natural stones such as opals and emeralds in stainless steel, sterling silver and gold. 

Her journey creating jewelry started over 14 years ago by making simple beaded pieces for family and friends by request. It wasn't long before she sought out a formal education in business, stone identification and metal work.

Slowly Rebecca has grown her skills by following her interest and tying those interests back into her jewelry.

She pursued nature photography as a hobby for many years and even dedicated herself to a few college courses in the study. She has held model shoots, volunteered as a family photographer and participated in event photography while studying business. Eventually she adapted those skills with her camera into quality product photography.

As her business grew, so did her network. Rebecca has been fortunate to meet some amazing photographers both professionally and personally that have captured her pieces and helped her showcase the vibrant art they are. 

Another interest Rebecca has adapted into her business is gardening. After joining a college gardening club, she quickly developed a love of growing plants. Between gardening and photography Rebecca finds she has a deep love and respect for nature and the earth. She portrays this in many of her custom and unique designs.

It’s her belief that our job is to keep the love of nature alive by sharing what we have learned through both words and art.

Part of Rebecca’s extensive studies included courses in business law, marketing and social media management. She shares this knowledge of developing her brand, website and social media with other creative business owners on the app WhatNot.

You can find Rebecca showcasing both her unique pieces and custom work on her Instagram, Instagram.com/Rebeccamerckerdesign 

And on her facebook,


You can request a custom piece by emailing her at Rebeccamercker@gmail.com with the header “Custom project” or you can view her artisan jewelry through the menu links.