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     Everybody has a birthstone, a gem that is connected to your month of birth and is a perfect way to show off your personality! But what are these Birthstones, Where did the idea of birthstones come from? Read on to find out.
     According to the American Gem society birthstones originated from the breastplate of Aaron and each stone represented a tribe in Israel. The idea of associating gemstones with Birth months did not appear until around the 18th century and the modern list of birthstones appeared around 1912. It has changed a couple times since then and allowed alternate stones. The list includes: 
     Garnet for January
     Amethyst for Febuary
     Aquamarine for March
     Diamond for April
     Emerald for May
     Alexandrite or Pearl for June
     Ruby for July
     Peridot for August
     Sapphire for September
     Opal for October
     Citrine for November
     Blue Topaz for December
     Though the meaning has changed from biblical to modern day fashion, Birthstones have made a name for themselves as the perfect gifts! Each one is unique and can be made to fit a persons unique style!
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