Top 10 Things that can damage your jewelry!

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The top 10 ways you are not taking care of your jewelry and how to change that!
1. Wearing jewelry while you clean
You heard that right! Everyday cleaners can destroy your jewelry
Cleaners such as Pinesol and Bleach use strong chemicals to disinfect
your house, these cleaners can also eat away at your jewelry leaving your pieces worn and damaged! The easiest solution is to take off these pieces while you clean! Pay extra attention to any rings or bracelets you wear regularly!
2. Wearing your jewelry in the pool
Pool water consists of large amounts of chlorine. Chlorine is a harsh chemicals that slowly damages jewelry leaving pieces weak and easier to break. The best solution to avoid this is to remove all jewelry before swimming. This also helps prevent a piece from going missing in the pool!  
3. Hand sanitizer
Okay, lets be real. We have all used our fair amount of hand sanitizer this last year and a half! Covid-19 really left us with no choice! But like the chemicals in pools and many household cleaners, hand sanitizer can wear away at your jewelry over time. The best solution is to take the piece off and ensure the life of your jewelry!
4. Sleeping in your jewelry
We've all done it. It's late, your tired and you just don't have the energy to remove everything and then put it back on first thing in the morning! I get it, I do! But sleeping in your jewelry has a significant risk. Necklaces get tugged on and break, Earrings slowly loosen over time and fall out. Bracelets catch on the sheets and break. Even Rings and anklets aren't safe to sleep in! Rings can catch on small fibers and pull prongs back causing stones to fall out! It's easier to take them off and store safely!
5. Wearing jewelry to the gym
The short answer to "Should I wear my jewelry to the gym?" is No. It only takes once to accidentally dent your ring. It's all to easy to catch a bracelet or necklace as well! It is much easier to leave your jewelry at home. 
For wedding bands try replacing with a silicone ring for gym use!
6. Showering with your jewelry on
Soap residue is the number one thing to cloud up your favorite stones! It gets in the cracks, crevices, holes and cakes on the strings of your pieces!
7. Wearing jewelry too big or too small
Always test your jewelry for size compatibility. Do your bracelets feel loose while typing? Does your necklace get caught easily? Is your ring falling off? Getting the right size jewelry will make a huge difference in how you feel about your jewelry!
8. Jewelry not stored properly
Always keep necklaces clasped and hanging when possible. Rings should be cushioned when not on and in a secure box. Keep bracelets hanging when possible and don't stretch them out. Keep small tarnish resistant packs for silver jewelry.
9. Should you get your jewelry cleaned
Yes! Absolutely get your jewelry cleaned. Think about everything we do all day, from sweating to cooking. Keeping your jewelry clean is an essential part of healthy hygiene!  
10. Should YOU clean your jewelry though
You can clean your jewelry yourself. But a lot of home recipes just don't work and it's honestly not worth it. Many jewelry store will clean your jewelry for FREE even if it didn't come from them. They know which pieces should be cleaned which way and can often recommend safe home solutions and how to use them!
Ultimately anything that happens to your jewelry is fixable to some extent and most wear and tear will not present right away. But maintaining your jewelry is important to retain it's value and guarantee a long life for the piece!

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